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Free Download eBook Nursing Handbook

Both of eBook above are guide's handbook for the Nursing who want to be success and professional in healthcare provider system. Many of Nurses are now days trying to work in other country, especially to looking for nice salary. But these is not easy way for them, They need to improve their knowledge in order to give professional performance to the recruiter staff.

Ok, To help the Nurses who want to improve their skill we provided two nursing handbook ; Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis and Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests.

  • Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis

  • Inside this ebook you will find procedural Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis to the Adult, Child, Women's, Psychiatric, Gerontic, and Home Health Considerations. These book created by Susan A. Newfield, Mittie D. Hinz, Donna Scott-Tilley, Kathryn L. Sridaromont, Patricia Joy Maramba.

    This is eBook edition carries on the great features of the previous while updating and improving the content. The Gordon's Functional Health Patterns organizes the framework, helping students learn and apply a holistic approach in planning care.

    This is a great handbook, It will helps the Nurses who want to make nursing care plans according to the nursing diagnosis. It is well organized and easy to read. The diagnoses are grouped according to the 11 functional health patterns.

    Interventions are simple and broken down into easy to apply format. Additionally, interventions are listed for adults, women, psychiatric, gerontic, and for the home health care situation making this ebook useful in a number of clinical situations.

    Rationales are included with each intervention saving precious time for the nursing student writing nursing process papers. This ebook does not link medical diagnosis with nursing diagnosis which may make it difficult to use for some students. Many of nursing students have found this ebook to be an indespensible guide in developing the nursing diagnoses.

    Free Download eBook : Click here to download

  • Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

  • This eBook is a practical handbook for the nursing, especially for the nursing students. It will help them in clinical courses and by nurses in clinical settings as a quick reference. It guides for the nurses in planning what they needs to be assessed, monitored, treated, and taught at every stage of care, including pretest requirements, intratest procedures, and post-test care.

    This ebook edition also will be helpful to all other health care professionals who need to know what nurses will do with their patients undergoing laboratory or diagnostic testing. All tests and procedures are listed in alphabetical order by their complete name for ease of location, plus the comprehensive, integrated index allows fast searches by abbreviation, synonym, disease state or condition, organ system, specimen type, or test classification.

    The depth of diagnostic information in this ebook is awesome and refreshing, no more guessing at what to tell a family about why a test is being done. We highly recommend this handbook to anyone who were working in the medical field or for patients requiring extensive medical tests.

    Nurse's can learn the implications for each ordered test. This ebooks highlights the implications of WHY the test is needed or WHAT the test will diagnose or rule out. These book should be considered a reference book as it is bulky to carry around, yet a book that is definitely going to refresh any nurse's memory on even simpler ideas involved with diagnostic tests.

    This product was referred to me by working RN's, and as a nursing staff, I am finding this book very valuable. Reasons for increased and decreased values, concise explanations of given tests, interfering factors and related tests are among the many features presented, all written in an easy to navigate format. As usual, an excellent product from F.A. Davis. I know it sounds like a plug, but there are many reasons my instructors call F.A. Davis the "Gold Standard" in medical reference publications.

    This book is one of excellent guide for the nurses, gives complete information about all current lab tests. Quick reference to supplement classroom learning. Easy to read. Very relevant to nursing care plans for pre and post testing, and normal value ranges.

    Free Download eBook : Click here to download

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