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Free Download Nursing Care Plans eBook

Nursing care plans eBook are became trend now days, many of nurses they are trying to collect some of information about NCP management trough online media. They will keep the NCP eBook in small electronic device and make them guide or handbook during take care of patients in the healthcare provider such as hospital or even home care's job.

Critical Care Nursing Care Plans eBook :

This eBook provides specific articles for the nurses who are work in the ICU and Emergency department, detailed information to assist the nurses in identifying needs and plans of care. A Nursing handbook in format eBook that enable the nurses to develop their own specific nursing care plans in order to managing acutely ill patients in critical care settings.

It's organized by body systems which use of NANDA-approved nursing diagnoses and list specific interventions and rationales. To get these free eBook, simply you can click the download link here : Critical Care NCP Then open with password ;

Maternal-Infant Nursing Care Plans eBook :

This eBook is a nursing care plan guide for the Nurses or Midwife during taking care of pregnancy women, labor and delivery, postpartum, and the newborn periods. A handbook that giving an additional diagnoses and plans are included for common perinatal and neonatal complications.

The Nurses or Midwife aho use Maternal Infant Nursing Care Plans eBook, They can easily design a client with specific plan of care as interventions that are based on the latest research and current practice. It is nice to find a nursing care plan book where the primary focus is the healthy expectant mother.

These eBook provided a care paths and flow charts with a clear concise review of the physiological and psychological changes associated with each perinatal period, Start from emphasizing assessments, interventions and evaluations for normal healthy pregnancies. Also guide of nursing care plans for common variations and complications of the perinatal period, It's really helpful complement to other maternal-child nursing texts and in nursing practice.

To download these free eBook click on this link : Maternal-Infant eBook.

Guidelines for Individualizing Patient Care (eBook with CD-ROM):

When you have the Guidelines for Individualizing Patient Care (GIP) eBook, you will get information and practical care planning text. The GIP eBook also contains comprehensive rationales for every nursing intervention, Critical thinking emphasized throughout, promoting thoughtful desicsion making and better individualization care. Link Free Download : GIP eBook

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posted by Novi @ 10:04 PM, ,

Free Download eBook Nursing Handbook

Both of eBook above are guide's handbook for the Nursing who want to be success and professional in healthcare provider system. Many of Nurses are now days trying to work in other country, especially to looking for nice salary. But these is not easy way for them, They need to improve their knowledge in order to give professional performance to the recruiter staff.

Ok, To help the Nurses who want to improve their skill we provided two nursing handbook ; Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis and Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests.

  • Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis

  • Inside this ebook you will find procedural Clinical Applications of Nursing Diagnosis to the Adult, Child, Women's, Psychiatric, Gerontic, and Home Health Considerations. These book created by Susan A. Newfield, Mittie D. Hinz, Donna Scott-Tilley, Kathryn L. Sridaromont, Patricia Joy Maramba.

    This is eBook edition carries on the great features of the previous while updating and improving the content. The Gordon's Functional Health Patterns organizes the framework, helping students learn and apply a holistic approach in planning care.

    This is a great handbook, It will helps the Nurses who want to make nursing care plans according to the nursing diagnosis. It is well organized and easy to read. The diagnoses are grouped according to the 11 functional health patterns.

    Interventions are simple and broken down into easy to apply format. Additionally, interventions are listed for adults, women, psychiatric, gerontic, and for the home health care situation making this ebook useful in a number of clinical situations.

    Rationales are included with each intervention saving precious time for the nursing student writing nursing process papers. This ebook does not link medical diagnosis with nursing diagnosis which may make it difficult to use for some students. Many of nursing students have found this ebook to be an indespensible guide in developing the nursing diagnoses.

    Free Download eBook : Click here to download

  • Davis's Comprehensive Handbook of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

  • This eBook is a practical handbook for the nursing, especially for the nursing students. It will help them in clinical courses and by nurses in clinical settings as a quick reference. It guides for the nurses in planning what they needs to be assessed, monitored, treated, and taught at every stage of care, including pretest requirements, intratest procedures, and post-test care.

    This ebook edition also will be helpful to all other health care professionals who need to know what nurses will do with their patients undergoing laboratory or diagnostic testing. All tests and procedures are listed in alphabetical order by their complete name for ease of location, plus the comprehensive, integrated index allows fast searches by abbreviation, synonym, disease state or condition, organ system, specimen type, or test classification.

    The depth of diagnostic information in this ebook is awesome and refreshing, no more guessing at what to tell a family about why a test is being done. We highly recommend this handbook to anyone who were working in the medical field or for patients requiring extensive medical tests.

    Nurse's can learn the implications for each ordered test. This ebooks highlights the implications of WHY the test is needed or WHAT the test will diagnose or rule out. These book should be considered a reference book as it is bulky to carry around, yet a book that is definitely going to refresh any nurse's memory on even simpler ideas involved with diagnostic tests.

    This product was referred to me by working RN's, and as a nursing staff, I am finding this book very valuable. Reasons for increased and decreased values, concise explanations of given tests, interfering factors and related tests are among the many features presented, all written in an easy to navigate format. As usual, an excellent product from F.A. Davis. I know it sounds like a plug, but there are many reasons my instructors call F.A. Davis the "Gold Standard" in medical reference publications.

    This book is one of excellent guide for the nurses, gives complete information about all current lab tests. Quick reference to supplement classroom learning. Easy to read. Very relevant to nursing care plans for pre and post testing, and normal value ranges.

    Free Download eBook : Click here to download
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    Free Internet Marketing eBook

    You want to get space in the online market place? We will try to help you how to build your business through Internet Media by reading Internet Marketing eBook, Its look nice sound to do that. Leading to the high technology information, Many of people trying to sell their product or service by online system. Whether by make their own website and blog in the free hosting site such as blogger, Or other online facility that may help them to promote what is available product in their business. Recently, We have two Internet Marketing eBook. First eBook is coming with title "Web Marketing For Dummies" and the second eBook is "Blog Marketing".

  • eBook Web Marketing For Dummies

  • Make and launching a website to sell your product and services, or promote an affiliative programs to get referral members does not automatically ensure sales success. You need to build a marketing-effective site, and create word-of-Web campaigns. Web Marketing eBook help you to be success on your business.

    This eBook provides the know-how for creating a solid Web marketing plan, including how to build a site that draws and keeps visitors. There are some tips and strategy to improve and optimize your Website in the search engine optimization (SEO), link campaigns, and measure your results. After reading full of articles from this eBook, You will be able and successful in the Web marketing techniques.

    Free Download eBook : Web Marketing

  • eBook Blog Marketing

  • Blog Marketing eBook shows marketing and PR professionals as well small business owners how to do just that without spending a lot of money. This book launched on November 2005 as 1st edition of Blog Marketing By Jeremy Wright. The book has 336 Pages content, Its part of Internet Marketing Tips.

    The Blog Marketing eBook will teach you how to raise your blog visibility and transform internal communications to all companies, large and small, know that reaching customers directly and influencing and being influenced by them.

    By reading this eBook, You will be able to increase your blog's visitor and success in Internet Markting Programs. Start create your own blog now, get benefits from your blog.

    Free Download eBook : Blog Marketing
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    posted by Novi @ 5:32 PM, ,

    Free Google Adsense eBook

    Are you Google Adsense members? How much you earn your revenue monthly? We will make your income more better then what you got now, Just simply download and read our Free Google Adsense eBook. Both of these eBook are guide for you to optimize your Ads performance, How to get top position in SEO, Creating website with high impression, How to target Ads Advertisement base on your website content and more.

  • eBook Making Money With Adsense

  • Actually, Title of this book is "What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense". This is the 3rd edition book by Mr. Joel Comm, He made this articles to help the website Publisher who join with Google Ads program.

    This is one of best-selling AdSense ebook, The contents are give you the definitive guide to making money with Google AdSense. There are 199 pages on this eBook, It really usefull and ideal for beginners and intermediate level users, providing strategies for building profitable websites, monetizing with AdSense, as well as a number of other avenues for generating revenue.

    When you has complited read this eBook, You will be able to optimize your revenue from Ads program. This eBook was released on March, 2007. The third edition eBook which explain how to be expert in Affiliate or Adsense business.

    Free Download eBook : Secret Ads 1

  • eBook Adsense Empire

  • If you really need to work at home and earn extra income from internet, This eBook is good for you. The eBook contents are teach you about how to maximize your website contents to get fast and high income money from Google AdSense just in few month.

    Start to make a portfolio website and generates your extra money from Internet by reading this eBook. The strategies in the eBook can help you maximize your revenue from Google AdSense.

    Feel free to contact Us if you have problem to download this eBook. All the eBook are upload in the free hosting server, It just able to access 90 days from to day. We will try to upload the file again and contact you soon.

    Free download eBook : Adsense Empire
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    posted by Novi @ 10:22 PM, ,

    Download Free eBook : Craft and Art

    How you make your self become creative with excellent idea just from Home? Did you want to earn money from your hand product? Ok, here we give you free eBook to guide you make interesting craft with amazing art models. After finish reading thid eBook, You can start your own craft to fill and use them as your need. Otherwise, you can sell it to the others people that may interest wth your hand made. Let's see how you can improve your creativity by reading the Craft and Art eBook bellow.

  • Transforming Traditional Crafts 1

  • Content of this eBook is how important your daily activity by making craft. Craft's goal is to unite, inspire, inform and entertain a growing community of highly imaginative people who are transforming traditional art and crafts with unconventional, unexpected and even renegade techniques, materials and tools; resourceful spirits who undertake amazing crafting projects in their homes and communities.

    Using soft materials such as: paper, carboard, plastics, nylon, rubber etc. This craft eBook teach you how to be professional design on your craft hand made, especially for the women who want to spend their time at home. More focus on this articles is how to make craft and art with a twist, including sewing a light-up tank top, turning old shoes into great new knitted boots, felting an iPod cozy, embroidering your skateboard, making a jet-age garden and more.

    Free Download eBook : Craft and Art volume 1

  • Transforming Traditional Crafts 2

  • Start to download and read this eBook if you want to make special craft for the children. The Transforming Traditional Crafts 2 is a fun packed project craft that focus to the toys product. It really cheap and simple craft for the children, On this eBook you can learn many interesting craft models such as dora emon, funky chicken, barbie and many more.

    The goals to download and read this eBook is make your own business by selling the craft to the friends, or other people whether in the small or big project where you can get extra income.

    Free Download eBook : Craft and Art volume 2
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    posted by Novi @ 1:50 PM, ,

    Download Free eBook : Tutorial Computer

    These are eBook related to the computer systems. If you want to build your own PC (dekstop computer), We provide you free tutorial eBook how to build a PC with many specification you needs to get great computer performance according to the goal of your self with that computer is. Another free eBook is about tutorial how to use the vista program's system on your computer, whether in the laptop or dekstop. It is explain of full version Windows Vista programs from Windows Vista Team.

  • Build Your Own Computer (Magazine)

  • Leading to the new Information Technology, many people are trying to learn how to be creative and success in the business computer. By reading this eBook, you are able to make your own computer (PC).

    You will be understand how much budget it will cost to make a computer (dekstop). How to build great PC for games, for office use, and prices of computer items base on branch company are availble on this eBook. Fell free to download the computer magazine here :

    Free Download eBook : Computer Magazine

  • Windows Vista Resource Kit

  • The next eBook for free download is about how to use Windows Vista programs on on your computer. Get the definitive reference for deploying, configuring, and supporting Microsoft® Windows Vista(tm)--with expert insights from Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) and the Windows Vista Team.

    This eBook is useful resource for those people who running of Vista programs on their PC, The Vista Resource Kit is a decent resource for Enterprise Class customers. This official Microsoft RESOURCE KIT provides more than 1,500 pages of in-depth technical guidance on automating deployment; implementing security enhancements; administering group policy, files and folders, and programs; and troubleshooting for Windows Vista.

    Free Download eBook : Windows Vista Resource Kit
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    posted by Novi @ 4:42 AM, ,

    Download Free Nursing eBook

    To be a good Nurse you need to provide your self with professional skill in order to do the accurate Nursing Intervention for your patients. There are many way to get information to improve your knowledge, join some course or you can read a book that related to your job's department in hospital. Here I will give you free Nursing handbook (eBook) and you can read or use them after download section finish, Both of them full version Nursing handbook.

  • Gastrointestinal Nursing

  • This book was released to provide the Nurses who work as specialist practitioners within several areas of gastrointestinal medicine, including inflammatory bowel disease, stoma care, nutrition, endoscopy and counselling.

    A comprehensive text book for the Gastrointestinal Nursing Department, It's reviewing the anatomy and physiology underlying common conditions before covering the pathophysiology of clinical features, causes, investigation and management.

    In order to do the specific nursing intervention to take care of patients with gastrointestinal conditions in seriouse cases, The Gastrointestinal Nursing Handbook was provided great content's guide for the Nurses with psychosocial factors skill and issues such as the measurement of health related quality of life.

    Free Download eBook : Gastrointestinal Nursing

  • Wound Care: A Handbook for Community Nurses

  • The Nurses who work in surgical ward, medical ward or others departement including Home Care Nurse who may take care of patients with wound condition, They should have enough knowledge about wound management, whether acute or chronic wounds.

    Wound management are includes assessing the wound, selecting an appropriate treatment, and evaluating the patients' progress. The Nurses should be understand the healing process, recognize the factors which may delay wound healing, understand how wound healing can be optimized, know how to recognize complications if they arise and know how to treat them.

    This ebook has provided full articles guide how to treat of wound with modern dressing, The book was written in a question-and-answer format, and includes relevant case studies.

    Free Download eBook : Wound Care
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    posted by Novi @ 4:55 AM, ,

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