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Download Free eBook : Craft and Art

How you make your self become creative with excellent idea just from Home? Did you want to earn money from your hand product? Ok, here we give you free eBook to guide you make interesting craft with amazing art models. After finish reading thid eBook, You can start your own craft to fill and use them as your need. Otherwise, you can sell it to the others people that may interest wth your hand made. Let's see how you can improve your creativity by reading the Craft and Art eBook bellow.

  • Transforming Traditional Crafts 1

  • Content of this eBook is how important your daily activity by making craft. Craft's goal is to unite, inspire, inform and entertain a growing community of highly imaginative people who are transforming traditional art and crafts with unconventional, unexpected and even renegade techniques, materials and tools; resourceful spirits who undertake amazing crafting projects in their homes and communities.

    Using soft materials such as: paper, carboard, plastics, nylon, rubber etc. This craft eBook teach you how to be professional design on your craft hand made, especially for the women who want to spend their time at home. More focus on this articles is how to make craft and art with a twist, including sewing a light-up tank top, turning old shoes into great new knitted boots, felting an iPod cozy, embroidering your skateboard, making a jet-age garden and more.

    Free Download eBook : Craft and Art volume 1

  • Transforming Traditional Crafts 2

  • Start to download and read this eBook if you want to make special craft for the children. The Transforming Traditional Crafts 2 is a fun packed project craft that focus to the toys product. It really cheap and simple craft for the children, On this eBook you can learn many interesting craft models such as dora emon, funky chicken, barbie and many more.

    The goals to download and read this eBook is make your own business by selling the craft to the friends, or other people whether in the small or big project where you can get extra income.

    Free Download eBook : Craft and Art volume 2

    posted by Novi @ 1:50 PM,


    At May 9, 2008 at 11:43 PM, Blogger Monica Ria said...

    Ngga ada matinya dech ide orang satu ini :D ... sering - sering aja ya posting free craft e-book :D
    Thanks yaaa.
    Btw, baru lagi nich ya ? Total ada berapa :D

    At June 26, 2010 at 8:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    thanks for sharing this valuable resources. you can also download lots of ebook from here

    At August 19, 2010 at 1:05 PM, Anonymous newtonbooks said...

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