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Download Free Nursing eBook

To be a good Nurse you need to provide your self with professional skill in order to do the accurate Nursing Intervention for your patients. There are many way to get information to improve your knowledge, join some course or you can read a book that related to your job's department in hospital. Here I will give you free Nursing handbook (eBook) and you can read or use them after download section finish, Both of them full version Nursing handbook.

  • Gastrointestinal Nursing

  • This book was released to provide the Nurses who work as specialist practitioners within several areas of gastrointestinal medicine, including inflammatory bowel disease, stoma care, nutrition, endoscopy and counselling.

    A comprehensive text book for the Gastrointestinal Nursing Department, It's reviewing the anatomy and physiology underlying common conditions before covering the pathophysiology of clinical features, causes, investigation and management.

    In order to do the specific nursing intervention to take care of patients with gastrointestinal conditions in seriouse cases, The Gastrointestinal Nursing Handbook was provided great content's guide for the Nurses with psychosocial factors skill and issues such as the measurement of health related quality of life.

    Free Download eBook : Gastrointestinal Nursing

  • Wound Care: A Handbook for Community Nurses

  • The Nurses who work in surgical ward, medical ward or others departement including Home Care Nurse who may take care of patients with wound condition, They should have enough knowledge about wound management, whether acute or chronic wounds.

    Wound management are includes assessing the wound, selecting an appropriate treatment, and evaluating the patients' progress. The Nurses should be understand the healing process, recognize the factors which may delay wound healing, understand how wound healing can be optimized, know how to recognize complications if they arise and know how to treat them.

    This ebook has provided full articles guide how to treat of wound with modern dressing, The book was written in a question-and-answer format, and includes relevant case studies.

    Free Download eBook : Wound Care

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